179-Piece Kids Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set $17 @ Walmart

Trifold Easel Art Set $17 @ Walmart

Today only, hop over to Walmart where they are offering this awesome kids double sided trifold Easel Art Set for only $17! Even sweeter, free store pickup too!

The kids will love this, it's big, they can both draw on it together and honestly whenever they have friends over they play more with stuff like this than video games.

This thing comes fully stacked with 48 crayons, 48 oil pastels, 24 colored pencils, 18 watercolor cakes, 12 color markers and over 13 more individual items.

This is just the perfect art set for your little one. Set it up and watch them get creative for hours on end, but you'll want to be quick this one probably won't last long.

With Walmart, choose free store pickup to save on shipping.

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