2-in-1 Drawing Easel For iPad Down To $13 @ Amazon

2-in-1 Drawing Easel For iPad Down To $13 @ Amazon

Art, electronics, and easels combine in this one of a kind epic iPad easel.

This easel not only protects your costly iPad but the kids are going to love it and for a limited time it falls to just $12.79!

Why have I never heard of this? It holds an iPad on one side and has a drawing dry erase board on the other. This is truly a dream come true.

Simply attach your iPad in the included holder and it securely holds it so the kids can do all the painting, drawing, game playing, or YouTube watching you can imagine.

Want to rotate your iPad? Just lift up on the holder and spin! This thing even grows with the kids and has 3 height adjustments making it the perfect accessory for young toddlers or older.

Turn the easel around and you have a dry erase board ready for all of your epic creations. It even comes with a dry erase marker, eraser, and a storage cup to hold them all when you're done. They really thought of kids on this one.

Not only would this make the perfect gift idea for Birthdays but you could even gift it to the kids for Valentines Day or Easter. I know this will get used daily in my house and at this price how could you go wrong?

Shipping is free with any $25+ purchase.

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