2 Sunscreen Flasks Just $7 @ Amazon

Smuggle your booze in anywhere!
2 Sunscreen Flasks Just $7 @ Amazon

Who wants to pay your whole paycheck for a few drinks when you don't need to? These sunscreen flasks make it easy to smuggle your favorite drink into concerts, outdoor events, festivals, and just about anywhere.

Plus for the price of just $7.03 for a pack of 2 this like like just paying $3 and some change for each one. This is way less then you pay for 1 shot at sporting events.

Sunscreen Flasks

These Sunscreen Flasks can hold an amazing 8 ounces each so you can come prepared to any event with 10 total shots ready to go.

The uniquely designed bottles fool even the best security. It simply looks like you are carrying SPF 8 and SPF 30 sunscreen with you and no one thinks any different.

This set comes complete with both flasks and a mess-free funnel with liquor spout so you can easily fill each flask with your favorite drinks without dropping a drop.

I love that each bottle looks so convincing that it even says right down to the words water-proof and non greasy. I will be living it up with my friends at our next date night while staying on budget.

Shipping is free with any $25+ purchase.

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