24 Pack BIC Mechanical Pencils Just $3 @ Amazon

24 Pack BIC Mechanical Pencils Just $3 @ Amazon

No matter what school you go to there is sure to be the same one thing on every ones list.

Pencils of course and right now you can grab this 24 pack for only $3.15!

Want to save even more cash? Opt in for subscribe and save and these can drop as low as $2.99 for the pack.

Did you know that 1 BIC mechanical pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils! Do the math and your wasting not only a ton of trees a year but your dollars right out the window when you choose wooden pencils.

My kids prefer mechanical pencils for the simple fact they never have to sharpen them. Simply click and keep writing.

Each piece of lead is #2 so your writing comes out smudge free and perfect with each stroke you couldnt ask for anything more smooth then the #1 selling BIC brand.

Shipping is free with a $25+ purchase or when you subscribe.


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