24 Sharpie Colored Permanent Markers $10 @ Amazon

24 Sharpie Colored Permanent Markers $10 @ Amazon

Calling all back to school shoppers! Right now, Amazon is offering this 24 pack of Sharpies on sale for $10.00! This pack retails for $25 and for comparison this pack is listed at Staples for $19.99 so you'll be getting half off! .

Plus you'll be able to save on shipping with Amazon Prime (get a free trial) or if you spend $49 or more.

We love Sharpie markers in our house! We use them for everything, whether we're writing names on cups, packing boxes that need labels or making CDs and DVDs Sharpies are the go-to for all labeling.

We also use them for not letting things go to waste. By labeling the purchase date of stored food and then eating the oldest first, Sharpies are a good way to keep purchase dates in order in the kitchen.

This pack has vibrant colors that are good for kids stuff. We use Sharpies for school projects all the time because they are fast drying, water resistant and the fine point is nice to write with as opposed to regular markers.

As always, Amazon prices are known to fluctuate. Grab this deal on Sharpies before it's gone!


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