26 Piece Christmas Tree + Deer Antler Ring Toss Just $11 @ Amazon

26 Piece Christmas Tree + Deer Antler Ring Toss Just $11 @ Amazon

Christmas is officially less then 2 months away and if you enjoy the holidays as much as us you have got to take a peek at this Christmas set.

It comes with a 26 piece Christmas tree that the kids can decorate again and again. Plus to add to the fun you also score an antler ring toss game all for $10.99!

This set is perfect to kick off the holidays at your Thanksgiving party or even just to excite the kids.

The over 3 foot tall Christmas tree comes with 26 removable and reusable ornaments so the kids can decorate it every day a different way leading up until the big day.

Plus this set includes a ring toss game but this is not just any ring toss game as you get to be the target. Simply put on the antler hat and let other people throw the rings as you try to catch them but not with your hands instead on the antlers themselves!

There is no better way I could think to jump-start the holidays then this combo itself. But don't think this is just for kids my sister used a similar Christmas tree last year in her classroom and the kids loved it.

Shipping is free with any $25 or more purchase.

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