3-In-1 Radio Flyer Grow With Me Racer $121 (Reg. $150) @ Toys R Us

3-In-1 Radio Flyer Grow With Me Racer $121 (Reg. $150) @ Toys R Us

You have got to check out this new ride-on from Radio Flyer! It is the perfect ride-on for even young ages as it is remote controlled and then as the child gets older switch it over to kid controlled!

Not only is the most awesome ride-on but its also on a totally awesome sale and you can score it for just $120.89 saving you $29.10!

This 3-in-1 ride-on transitions from a baby when you can drive them around with the provided remote to kid powered that you can override them with the remote and then to completely kid powered.

This is the ride-on I only dreamed about when my first 2 was born but lucky me I can finally have my wishes come true with my third child and momma is going to have just as much fun controlling him around as he is riding.

I cant wait to see his face come Christmas morning he is going to freak out in excitement and for sure think this day couldn't get any better.

This radio flyer is controlled by a 6volt batter and the charger is included. Plus the remote will control it for up to 80 foot away in any direction. To make it even safer when you go past the remote range the car shuts itself off, this is absolutely brilliant.

Plus to make this find even sweeter it includes free shipping straight to your door. Radio Flyer has really outdone themselves this time and I'm totally excited for my little man.


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