4 Hot & Cold Monsters Gel Pack For Boo-Boos $6 @ Deal Genius

4 Hot & Cold Monsters Gel Pack For Boo-Boos $6 @ Deal Genius

Attention Nurse Mommy! Deal Genius has this adorable 4 pack of Monsters Gel Packs for Boo-Boo's on sale for just $6 with free shipping!!

The packs are gel filled and can be made ice cold or warm to soothe and provide comfort for all their scrapes, scratches, aches and ouchies. And these adorable little googly-eyed monsters will quickly pick their mood up too after a little tumble.

Plus it's way better than the alternative "band-aid monster" that we have in our house (aka, our daughter, who gets one bandage for a legit boo-boo and becomes obsessed with needing band-aids for a million other invisible boo-boos too).

Heck, I've burned through $6 worth of bandages in one night with that alone and those aren't even reusable! You can use these things over and over again!

Plus to give you an idea on the savings with this deal, Amazon wants $13.50 just for the animal shaped cold packs! This is more than half that cost WITH free shipping!

But like with all the best deals at Deal Genius, this deal is only good for today and the clock is ticking down on this one so get your set quick!


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