4 Person Boat Pulling Bandwagon $317 @ Walmart

4 Person Boat Pulling Bandwagon $317 @ Walmart

Looking to have an awesome time on the water this year? This bandwagon will have everyone jumping for joy who gets to ride it next and priced at only $317 you wont find it cheaper then $400+ at any other retailer.

The kids wanted a float that we could pull behind our boat as we was out having fun that they could all ride at the same time.

Last year we had a simple 1 person puller but this year we wanted to find a inflatable that takes it from just being fun to absolutely exhilarating and we found it.

We brought this bandwagon to the lake this week and they had so much fun me and hubby even had to join in on the excitement.

This float is designed with awesome handles, comfortable seat rests and even a flawless design that keeps it from diving in the water as you take off. Its just a smooth comfortable exciting good time while your getting pulled around on this.

Even sweeter this awesome bandwagon ships for free! This is by far the best purchase I have ever made.


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