50% Off Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Bottle Starter Kit @ Amazon

50% Off Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Bottle Starter Kit @ Amazon

Pump, store, prepare and feed all in one pouch where was this when my kids were little?!

This Kiinde breast milk storage twist bottle kit is extraordinary and for a limited time, it drops 50% or down to the lowest price ever of $18.99!

If you breastfeed it is an amazing experience but it can get rough from pumping and organizing to feeding you can go through some containers.

But that is where the Kiinde starter kit comes in. This kit has pouches that attach to all major brand breast pumps. Simply attach it and get pumping.

That is not all this kit also comes with a storage rack so you can organize all of your liquid gold instead of having them everywhere and sometimes even falling out just by opening the fridge door.

Sounds pretty amazing already right? Oh, but there is plenty more! When you are ready to feed simply take out the pouch and it snaps right into the Kinde bottle! No more pouring and preparing this is going to make breastfeeding as simple as can be.

Wondering what this amazing set includes? Each Kiinde starter set comes with the twist Pouches, direct-pump adapters (for all major pump brands), pouch organizer, 2 squeeze natural feeding bottles, 3 different speed nipples with cases, and 2 nipple brushes!

This system even reduces colic. Each pouch contains no air and collapses as your baby drinks meaning no gassy air bubbles and less fussy causing colic.

Shipping is free with any $25+ purchase.

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