40% Off Weighted Blankets @ Target

40% Off Weighted Blankets @ Target

Have you been hunting for the best deal to join the millions of people reaping the benefits of weighted blankets but didn't want to pay the high cost?

Now is the time to bring your dreams to reality as through tomorrow 12/01 Target has weighted blankets 40% off!

These blankets have years of scientific research that show they work by naturally releasing and regulating the chemicals in your own body.

They have been scientifically proven to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, autism, and ADHD just to name a few.

These come in 10-25 pound blankets. To know the size you need to reap the benefits simply take your body weight and divide it by 10 then add about 2 extra to the total and this comes out as the right poundage for you.

In other words the 10 pound is for children up to 80lbs, the 15lb is for weight up to 140lbs, the 20lb is for weight up to 190lbs, and finally the 25lb will do all weights over that.

When I heard these helped with ADHD I figured it was worth a shot for my son and it has really helped him stay asleep all night long so he wakes up refreshed for school and ready to go. I personally bought the 25lb blanket for the hubby after seeing what it did with my him.

These blankets are super popular and online shipping has done sold out of the 15lb blanket. No worries however if this is the size you need you will still be able to pick up from the store if available.

Shipping is free.

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