49% Off Heated Automobile Fleece Blankets @ Amazon

Keep warm no matter where you go
49% Off Heated Automobile Fleece Blankets @ Amazon

Sadly the weather is starting to turn cold and what's even worse is I'm getting cold even when others are burning up. Finally, I found the solution I have always been looking for with these Heated Automobile Fleece Blankets for 49% off bringing them down to just $16.95 each!

Heated Automobile Fleece Blankets

These Heated Automobile Fleece Blankets are so much sweeter than a throw. Just imagine wrapping up that heats up to keep you good and toasty while you're in the car.

The 43" x 59" size and heavy-duty 7-foot power cord makes this a pure luxury for everyone that gets a little chilly while no one else is cold.

Each blanket simply plugs into your car's cigarette outlet for power. Then wrap yourself up to start feeling the heat.

The best part these would come in handy during snowstorms or if your car happens to break down in the cold. You can never go wrong with a blanket that heats and these are sure to make an amazing present idea.

As always you can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Otherwise, take a minute and sign up for FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and you'll get free two day shipping on these blankets and free shipping on all of your Amazon orders for a month.

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  • Lowell A.

    Might be good for these cold winter road trips

  • Ryan D.

    , for Aimee lol

  • Jordyn M.

    imma get one so when we go on our long adventures this winter, I dont make it hot as the devils asshole in your car. :joy:

  • Kimberly M.

    I need one that unplugs for when I get to my destination, then I’d be all set!

  • Devyn S.

    I need this in my life!

  • Sheldon K.

    She bought one at Costco today haha. But I’d have to buy an adapter for the car. Seen these on amazon and thought of her right away.

  • Ryan D.


  • Andrea N.

    Ashley Taylor I need this!!!!

  • Jewell B.


  • Dana M.

    here we go

  • Steven P.

    That u all the way

  • Kristin W.

    Your kids and their car blankets!

  • Adrineh H.


  • Pam W.

    I know a reindeer who would use this:grin:

  • Meghan W.

    i have that!

  • Kristen G.

    omg perfect!

  • Sammi J.

    y’all I need this

  • Crystal V.

    have it lol

  • Pamela R.

    Car? I need that for work.

  • Angela L.

    you know me so well lol :joy:

  • Paulina G.

    I needd

  • Heather B.

    why don't I have one of these

  • Lenora C.

    Ima need this before we go to the mountains

  • Vickie M.

    Yo necesito esto babe

  • Jenny B.

    I need this!

  • Wendy P.

    :heart_eyes: Guess what? I have one of those in my possession! Lol!! It was too cold for me today even though everybody else is loving these cooler temps! :joy:

  • Desiree S.

    another option :grin:

  • Judy W.

    you know I hate being cold.

  • Reen L.

    I’ll buy you one for Christmas :blush:

  • Heather B.


  • Anna M.

    I can see you with this

  • Kristin R.

    I know what Sugar can get her auntie for Christmas :wink::wink:

  • Jeneé R.

    this is on my Christmas list

  • Kaylyn M.


  • Marcus R.

    d that shit don’t even look safe lol

  • Jeneé R.


  • Jennifer H.

    my Xmas present

  • Kayla L.

    we need this

  • Alex T.

    You need this not we

  • Kayla L.

    yes but we would buy it lol

  • Cara S.

    Maybe I need one of these so I don’t kill you with the heaters :joy:

  • Lisa S.

    I want one lol

  • Lisa S.

    I want one.

  • Lamara M.

    this looks amazing

  • Kaitlyn L.

    I need this

  • Elizabeth C.

    yes you do ahaha

  • Lars A.

    I got Kim one last year. She likes it. Normal blanket won't cut it at work?

  • Isaiah B.

    you’d always wanna go driving with me then

  • Kayla C.


  • Heather B.

    I am definitely wanting one of these!

  • Pamela R.

    it's hard to work with it on as I am constantly turning in my chair and getting up and down to get print outs

  • Annie S.

    this is freaking amazing!!!

  • Leshana M.

    you need this you and your blanket

  • Michelle H.

    .. merry Christmas from me baby love :heart:

  • Todd T.


  • Jenni K.

    this would be the best!!! I probably would fall asleep driving! :joy: