50% Off Babyganics Face, Hand And Baby Wipes @ Walmart

50% Off Babyganics Face, Hand And Baby Wipes @ Walmart

There is so many baby wipes to choose from how do you pick just one? You look at the ingredients of course and Babyganics is our favorite.

Im stocking up as Walmart just placed these jumbo packs 50% off!

This brings the whole 800 count box down to $12.75! While originally costing $26.60 Im not passing this up.

These are super soft and fragrance free but don't think that keeps them from not cleaning well they are perfect for the messiest of messes.

Plus they keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with their natural plant-based ingredients thats their own NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend and includes soothing chamomile.

If your looking for a baby wipe without all the extra chemicals this is the one. They have no alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or fragrances.

This is the one baby wipe that I have found that not only works but that we love and use for everything.

Being this steep of a sale we don't expect these to last long so grab yours before they are gone.

Shipping is free with any $35 or more purchase.


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