50% Off Weighted Blankets @ Amazon

50% Off Weighted Blankets @ Amazon

Weighted blankets are being talked about everywhere and everyone is wanting one or already reaping the benefits and now you can too!

These weighted blankets are 50% off when you "clip" the coupon cutting your price in half!

To "clip" a coupon on Amazon simply click on the coupon box located near the price and then checkout.

These blankets have years of scientific research and help releive tons of different symptoms.

Including anxiety, depression, insomnia, autism, Adhd and more. Weighted blankets naturally help release the chemicals in your body to keep it well balanced and promote relaxation.

Plus they are perfect for all ages including kids, teens and adults. This coupon will work for all sizes.

To find the right weight for yourself simply divide your body weight by 10 and then you can add 1-2 pounds more.

For instance a 150lb adult would need a 16-17lb blanket for the right fit and benefits. While a 60lb child would need a 7-8lb blanket.

My son actually has one of these and its amazing. He has Adhd and was having a hard time staying asleep. This blanket has worked wonders for us and all done naturally which is a huge plus.

This coupon is for a limited time only and could end at any time.

Shipping is free.


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