6 Pack Its A Girl Lip Balm $3 @ Amazon

6 Pack Its A Girl Lip Balm $3 @ Amazon

Planning a baby shower or a gender reveal? Look how cute these would be for party favors. Show your proud of your baby girl in style and give everyone a gift to remember with these awesome lip balms and priced at just $2.99 for the 6 pack your getting a great deal.

If you want to put a smile on everyone's face and show your baby girl pride then you need these lip balms. My cousin had them at her gender reveal and it was such a huge hit everyone loved them and its a party favor that can be used for weeks possibly even months.

These lip balms are sure to be loved with their SPF30 and their juicy tropical scent along with their pretty its a girl outside you couldn't want for anything better.

Shipping adds $5.99 for the first order but free shipping for the rest. So if you buy 1 set or 10 sets your still only going to get charged the $5.99!


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