8 Piece Poop Easter Eggs $1.50 @ Hollar

8 Piece Poop Easter Eggs $1.50 @ Hollar

Calling all emoji fans! These fillable Easter eggs are to cute. My daughter is in love with the poo emoji and finding these is a huge score for me now the Easter bunny can bring her sweets right in her favorite poo.

These poop Easter eggs are priced at just $1.50 right now. The next cheapest price I could find else where is an average of $10! These are rare and will sell out fast.

My daughter is an emoji fan so much that her whole room looks like an emoji earthquake. From clothing to walls and backpacks you will find emojis everywhere. Her favorite is the popular poop look how cute he is.

These come in an 8 pack are fillable with your choice of favorite candies and toys. We may even make some jello molds with our new eggs!

Shipping is free for new customers with your $10+ purchase. For existing customers you can score free shipping with your $25+ purchase.


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