96 Count Ticonderoga Pencils Just $10 @ Amazon

96 Count Ticonderoga Pencils Just $10 @ Amazon

This hot deal is back! The world's best selling pencil is on sale just $9.96 for the 96 pack!

If you have ever wondered what the best #2 pencil out there is. You're looking at it and for just $0.10 a pencil!

We are half way into the school year and if your kids are like mine they have done lost or used up every single pencil.

No need to worry with this deal however. I bought this the beginning of the school year and we haven't even made it halfway through and now you can reap the awesomeness as well.

Every teacher in my children's school prefer these pencils and the kids absolutely love them as well.

Wondering what makes these Ticonderoga Pencils so extraordinary? The quality. These 100% stand out when compared to most pencils just because the feel of them along with the lead quality and how they write.

These are the world's best selling pencil and after you put one in your hand you will find out just why everyone loves them.

Shipping is free with any $25+ purchase.

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