96 Ticonderoga Wooden Pencils Only $9.96 @ Amazon

96 Ticonderoga Wooden Pencils Only $9.96 @ Amazon

The world's best selling pencil and loved by all teachers is on sale for only $9.96 for a pack of 96!

This is the price we saw them a few months back and they sold out in no time. So you will want to hurry.

Anytime I see these this low I have to share. These pencils are super loved my teachers and I to find them perfect to keep around the house.

The kids love these pencils, they've become this homes favorite and every teacher in my school prefers them over every other brand..

What's so good about Ticonderoga Pencils? The quality. These 100% stand out when compared to most pencils just because the feel of them along with the lead quality.

With a sale this great Im stocking up for the coming school year. To keep back to school shopping from breaking me I try to spread it across the whole summer when I find something on sale.

These pencils ship free for Amazon prime members. If your not a prime member simply bump your order up to $25+ and you can snag free shipping.


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