Anti Lost Wrist Link Leash Down To $3.56 @ Amazon

Keep your little one within an arms reach at all times with this hand wrist link
Anti Lost Wrist Link Leash Down To $3.56 @ Amazon

Keeping track of your toddler is like anxiety just waiting to happen. Your little one can just pick up and leave in 3 seconds flat. This Anti Lost Wrist Link Leash will keep you from being one of those scared parents yelling for their kids and it's priced at an amazing $3.56!

Anti Lost Wrist Link Leash

These Anti Lost Wrist Link Leashes give you a sense of security without needing to harness your children. Simply wrap one wrist link around yourself and the other around your toddler and your set.

The link allows you to hold your toddler's hand when needed and then when you let go it stretches similar to a phone cord and allows them to explore without getting lost.

This wrist link comes in the orange color which would be the perfect fit for both boys and girls and will add a little sense of security to that next park or shopping trip. Wearing these have endless possibilities of where you can go.

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  • Samantha K.

    you know she’d just have a meltdown trying to get it off so I’d basically be dragging her by it.

  • Megan M.

    haha yea!

  • Melissa L.

    im gonna get this for you :joy:

  • Sam M.


  • Tamarind D.

    lets get this so u stop getting weird awards :thinking::trophy:

  • Julie H.

    , where were these when you were always ten paces ahead of everyone????

  • Rebecca R.


  • Camille M.

    para el viaje?

  • Ashley L.

    you might need this lol

  • Lyndi H.

    You’re killing me bud

  • Kim W.

    lol I would do that

  • Liz B.

    think of how many people I could clothes line

  • Magdala P.

    e I need one for Tyler :joy:

  • Devin S.

    , for February :wink::joy::runner:‍♂️

  • Gianna G.

    for me since i cant keep up

  • Shelly W.

    So I’m thinking we might need thisin

  • Kristine T.

    for Willa

  • Kiri-Mel N.

    yes I have one lol

  • Gregory J.

    id just end up dragging you everywhere

  • Elizabeth S.

    Zeldita’s will drag Grandma around with this. :see_no_evil::heart_eyes:

  • Krista G.

    Free the leash children!!

  • Katie G.

    lol I’m thinking so!

  • BenzLeen B.


  • Yahel S.

    look for Ayden

  • Berenice S.

    I need this lol :joy:

  • Yahel S.

    It looks cool better than the other ones

  • Berenice S.

    yes like the backpacks lol

  • Yahel S.

    yes :joy:

  • Raquel H.

    for Zoe and me. Lol

  • Edwin J.


  • Elyuz U.

    much needed

  • Amy C.

    I spent the day at Brookfield Zoo with my 2 year old and my 5 month old. Soooo... I just bought one of these. #IWillTryAnythingNow #Exhausted

  • Christan M.

    o I figured I'd send it to ya

  • Mina T.

    this is better than the backpack lol

  • Elyuz U.

    bone ordered it

  • Gianna G.


  • Nat G.

    , pour Sarah peut-être??? #ongardelemroal#humourforever

  • David F.

    Trop peut qu'elle me casse le bras!!

  • Samantha B.

    seriously considering this. I’d go more places!!! Lol

  • Tori T.

    for real. We’ve got a runner.

  • Katrina B.

    omg. purchased!

  • Cindy K.

    I have five kids and I would never put anything like that on my children if you cant handle them dont take them

  • Cindy K.

    It's just not right your kids should listen to you then you wouldn't need it