Apple Watches As Low As $314 @ Best Buy

Apple Watches As Low As $314 @ Best Buy

Looking to grab an Apple watch but haven't found one for the right price? Check out this awesome deal going on over at Best Buy where you can grab an Apple Watch for just $349 new, or $313.99 if you choose open box.

Open box is a great option because they haven't been used, it's pretty much just customers who purchased the item and chose to return it for whatever reason that doesn't deal with actual use. Also - you can the same 1 year warranty in case anything were to go wrong which is great!

This watch is great because it's become an extension of my phone, and super helpful with keeping track of things. I like using it for sleep, and fitness and also waking up (I use it for the alarm). Now that I think of it I use this watch for most things as opposed to my phone.

It's great because being a busy mom my hands are always full and I'm always trying to keep the focus on my kids. With a phone, you have to pull it from your purse, look at it and you become easily distracted.

With a watch it's so much more natural to peek down and then look right back up or go back to what I was doing. If you use your phone a ton then this is the product you need to keep the focus where it should be, the kids, getting things done and not staring at your phone all day!


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