WOW Watersports 4 Person Pool Float Picnic Table $136 @ Walmart

Relax on this float this summer that has cup holders and even a cooler!
WOW Watersports 4 Person Pool Float Picnic Table $136 @ Walmart

Talk about fun! If you're getting ready to head out to the lake or beach this summer, and you're looking to grab a few floats to take the fun to another level, check out the WOW 4 Person Pool Float Picnic Table.

I'm always looking for fun floats for the lake. Whether it's a ginormous pool float for everyone to hang on, or a more relaxed pool float to have drinks on, we're always keeping our eye out for the best pool floats.

The WOW 4 Person Pool Float Picnic Table holds 4 people and can be used in pools, lakes or rivers. The next time you and your friends want to kick back and have drinks, this is the floating island you should do it on. This giant table float has 4 seats, 4 cupholders and is the perfect spot to have a snack or relax on.

Whether you're wanting to play some cards, have a place to relax after a swim or have a spot to hold your drink, this is the float you'll want to check out. This float not only has a spot for everyone's drink but even has back rests so you'll have a spot to cool off and take a break from swimming at.

Oh and the best part about this float? There's actually a central cooler to hold your drinks too. With Walmart, get free shipping on these otherwise select free store pickup if you want to grab it from your local store.

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