Are You Ready For A Poop Duel In The Pool?

Show them who's the sh*t this summer!
Are You Ready For A Poop Duel In The Pool?

Oh wow! Look what just hit Walmart's shelves and it's totally cracking me up. This Poop Duel Inflatable Set is sure to be the most talked about pool toy this year and the only store stocking it is Walmart for just $24.97, so you don't want to drag your feet on this one.

Poo Fight Pool Floats

This Poo Duel Pool Game is sure to make you feel like a child again. After all, you can bet I will be the first one to take a seat on this poo throne and dare the whole family to be my opponent.

The best part you will be happy to hear this is not real poo. That's right it's your favorite and fun brown emoji friend that everyone loves sitting on the ends of both batons.

The goal of this game is to sit and stay on your golden toilet throne. That's right each float is the shape of a toilet to add to the fun. Then grab your baton and get hitting, pushing, and trying to knock your opponent off their float gladiator style.

While this is a great game for the entire family you can bet I can't wait to get hubby and me sitting on these things. I mean who wouldn't want to jab their partner with poo and throw them off into the water? This is amazing.

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