AtmosFX Digital Projector Decorating Kit (With Effects for All Holidays!) $199.99 @ Amazon

AtmosFX Digital Projector Decorating Kit (With Effects for All Holidays!) $199.99 @ Amazon

If you like to go all out for Halloween then check this out! Amazon has this awesome AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit priced at $199.99 with free shipping. This kit comes complete with some seriously spooky 3D Projection effects and also includes the projector!

If you're looking to be the spookiest house on the block or the best Halloween party venue, this will surely do the trick! This projector brings some insane 3D images to life in your windows or on the wall and will have everyone freaking out!

Most other projection kits you see are just the disk or slide for the projection image - they don't include the projector too. So with this set you're getting it all and that means you'll have the projector to be able to use it for other holidays too and can just buy the disk for new holiday images for a few bucks instead of a whole new set each time!

But you probably won't have to even do that because in addition to eight Halloween themed effects, it also has 2 Christmas, 1 Valentines, 1 Easter, 1 Party Balloons and 1 Fireworks/Fourth of July effects that it comes with too. So while it may seem like a bit to spend up front, you're basically covered for every holiday with one set! That makes it actually cheaper than buying new projection sets for every holiday.

In addition to the Projector, this set also includes a professional mounting tripod, remote control, UL power adapter, standard window projection material, and a digital decorations SD card loaded with 14 amazing, cinema quality scenes.


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