Automatic Coin Stealing Cat Piggy Bank JUST $12.98 (Previously $39.99)

Automatic Coin Stealing Cat Piggy Bank JUST $12.98 (Previously $39.99)

Take a look at this adorable Automatic Coin Stealing Kitty Cat Piggy Bank that's on sale at the PURRFECT price of just $12.98! This piggy bank is too cute and exactly what my kitty loving daughter needed in her room.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that are what I love most. This kitty stealing piggy bank is no exception. Not only is it a great price, but there is no better reaction then when my daughter places a coin on top just to see the little kitty she's named Oscar steal her money!

I'm going to act like I bought an extra one for a future birthday gift but let's be honest, that bad boy is going in my room for whenever I need a laugh.

Originally listed at $39.99 get it now while it's 68% off.


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