Aviva Ice Rink Kit Just $49.99 @ Target

Aviva Ice Rink Kit Just $49.99 @ Target

Ok this is pretty genius! Head over to Target where you can score this Aviva Ice Rink Kit for just $49.99 with free shipping! It's selling for higher prices elsewhere and you can save even more on that price if you have a REDcard too. Talk about some fun winter ideas!

I don't know about you but the the ice skating rinks around here are jam packed all winter. It's like Times Square I swear! So now I can bring the rink right to our own backyard! This is genius!

This 10x12' inflatable rink is super easy to set up. Just inflate and fill with 4" of water. Then when it freezes you've got a perfect spot for the kids to skate on all the want! This portable skating rink is big enough and durable enough for two people to skate on simultaneously without a problem thanks to the cold crack 8 gauge PVC.

The other added bonus is that some days we don't get much or any snow here. Yet it's cold as heck. So when there's no actual snow to play with you can still have winter fun with ice staking. And when there is snow, well, then there's just more options too.

This is great if you do sled riding gatherings or winter fun days outside. We love to get the kids together for snow ball battles and sledding and then set up a hot chocolate bar in the house and warm up by the fire with custom made cups of cocoa. So this rink would be a super addition to that.

If you have a REDcard you can score an extra 5% off on this item too dropping the price to just $47.50. Plus the shipping is free whether you have a REDcard or not. But if you do want to apply for a REDcard you can do that here and start enjoying all the member perks.


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