Where To Buy Baby Shark Fishing Game In The US

Play the Baby Shark version of the fishing game we all loved growing up!
Where To Buy Baby Shark Fishing Game In The US

The super epic kid's song that is loved worldwide now has a new game that will quickly become a fan fav. Play the classic fishing game but instead of having normal fish, this is the Baby Shark version!

But while being sold out everywhere or at a higher price, we've found it in a few places in stock at some sweet prices, here's some of the best places you can find it in stock and for sale right now.

In Stock

Out of Stock / Higher RRP

Baby Shark! Doo doo doo doo doo doo! Is the song that many kids and parents alike are singing daily and now you can sing it while you play your favorite game.

The goal of the game is to see who can catch the most shark family first. Who will win? You will have to have luck on your side even against the youngest of players.

The game even features the awesome Baby Shark song to get the whole family enjoying it as your fish your heart out. This is one of those deals you're better off buying now then waiting for the holiday season to get here. This will be priced much higher and maybe even sell out the closer we get to Christmas.

If your kids love Baby Shark now is the time to buy. I have been keeping my eyes open for this game since the day it was released and just now finding it on sale.

Shipping is free with any $75+ purchase.

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