Baby Shark Style Swimsuit From $9.68 Shipped @ eBay

Doo do do....
Baby Shark Style Swimsuit From $9.68 Shipped @ eBay

Oh my, these are absolutely adorable! If you are still on the lookout for the perfect swimsuit for this coming summer for your little one you have got to get this baby shark style one. While it's not actually Baby Shark from the song it does bear a strong similarity and from just $9.68 shipped.

Baby Shark Swimsuit

Baby Shark... doo, doo, doo. While us parents would rather plug our ears than listen to you our little ones are in love with you. If you are reluctant to break the bank for Baby Shark gear, then you hit the right place, these lookalikes will do the trick and from just $9.68 shipped.

This Baby Shark style swimsuit is just too adorable with its flippers to the fin. Plus it comes with a cap that ties under your little one's chin perfect for keeping the sun from baking their sensitive scalp.

Sizes run 12 months through 7 years old. However, most sellers recommend going up a size for a proper fit.

Anytime you shop we eBay we recommend you check seller feedback before committing to a purchase. My goal is usually 1,000+ feedback for a smooth transaction.

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