Backpacks $5 & Under @ Hollar

Backpacks $5 & Under @ Hollar

School hasn't even let out yet and I can hear it already; 'I'm boredddddd' 'There's nothing to dooooo' 'But Joey's mom takes THEM to the pool every dayyyyy'. I'm already counting down the days until school starts up again :)

But even if you're NOT ready to start shopping for school supplies just yet, you still need to head over to Hollar and check out their selection of kids backpacks for under $5!

Big kid and little kid, boy and girl, there's a backpack for everyone! Here are a few steal we spotted!

We're grabbing a few to use over summer vacation (beach, zoo and plane friendly); and when you spend $25 your order will ship FREE!

First time Hollar customers get free shipping no matter how much they spend so if you haven't check out Hollar yet, this is a great deal to start on!!


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