Banzai Wiggle 'n Wobble Wave Pool $17 (Reg. $30) @ Kohl's

Banzai Wiggle 'n Wobble Wave Pool $17 (Reg. $30) @ Kohl's

There is nothing better then a swimming pool to jump in and splash around in. Or is there? This pool also has a wiggle n' wobble feature that will make for a laughing good time.

Plus its priced at just $16.99 when you enter promo code HUGESAVER at checkout. This is going for $30 everywhere else!

Every kid I have seen is entertained with this pool no matter their age. Of course Ill have to admit it does look totally cool.

My friend bought this for her little one and every time my kids are there they have to run and play on this. The bottom is filled with water to make a huge water pad that you sit on and wiggle 'n wobble away on.

The kids really really enjoy wobbling as they splash about and all you can hear is pure laughing joy coming from this pool the whole time. They even make fun games involving the wobbling bottom.

This thing is so much fun that I decided to buy one for our own house and finding it on this killer of a sale is really huge and makes me completely excited. I chose free in-store pickup to save from paying for shipping. This is one pool that will be used for years to come.


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