Bat Wings Cat Halloween Costume $7.99 @ Amazon

How cute would your cat look in this Bat Wings Costume!?
Bat Wings Cat Halloween Costume $7.99 @ Amazon

Have you been searching high and low for that perfect costume for your cat? Look no further, hop over to Amazon and score this adorable Bat Wings Cat Halloween Costume for only $7.99!

What a fun way to get your cat to join in on the Halloween festivities, this costume is super lightweight (less than 1 oz) so your kitty won't be uncomfortable and look absolutely adorable this Halloween. While we can't guarantee your cat will love it, a bunch of the comments mention cats don't mind it.

While the description says its a cat costume, I assume you could even use these as a costume for small dogs as well. This is an easy way to win that pet Halloween costume contest that no one would be expecting, you'd have a good chance at winning with how cute this costume is!

The wings are pretty high quality made and made to hold their shape. Plus it's made so your cat is comfy and has full movement and can move freely unlike a lot of costumes. The strap goes around the neck and the second strap goes around the cat's chest, they also are pretty sturdy and look great.

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  • Heather D.

    for Loki

  • Amy L.

    !!! How cute for wasabi!

  • Gaby S.

    aww I love them!!!

  • Daisy A.


  • Ashley J.

    Binx needs these

  • Taylor C.

    OMG ITS SO CUTE :sob:

  • Lauren P.

    adding to my cart!

  • Amanda V.


  • Misty P.

    for Pink

  • Amanda H.

    onyx would look so cute

  • Travis J.

    no he doesn’t. Lol

  • Alyssa H.


  • Jennie B.

    our cat ??

  • Rhonda C.

    for B!

  • Rebecca C.

    i need 7, pronto

  • Samantha C.


  • Judy B.

    I actually have cat bat wings here somewhere!!

  • Meghan S.

    your kitty needs this

  • Kimmie A.

    for jabba

  • Toni C.

    required for your wee pals.

  • Alyse B.

    oh my goodness!!!! I’m buying it now

  • Alesia M.

    for ashes

  • Jessica P.

    . It's perfect. He's going to be a hotdog.

  • Lauren G.

    I already own them. Remember we tried to make mr fox wear them last Halloween

  • Olivia B.

    That’s so cute!

  • Maleesa F.


  • Chelyn D.

    please do it.

  • Chelyn D.

    It’s Dave Ramsey approved.

  • Maleesa F.

    but is it

  • Chelyn D.

    totes. He would understand.

  • Jamie L.

    for junior

  • Kristina G.

    here’s gunners Halloween costume

  • Ashley H.

    sooo cute!! I’m definitely dressing him up lol!

  • Amy D.

    for your cats!!:raised_hands_tone1:

  • Amy E.

    they wouldn’t last long.

  • Carrie D.


  • Katherine A.


  • Amy L.

    that’s awesome!! Too funny

  • Jess B.

    Omg for Hyko !?

  • Melissa P.

    i saw this while scrolling, and I seriously thought about buying this! But E said no:see_no_evil:

  • Jess B.

    :sob: omg man. He'd he so cute

  • Madelyn S.


  • Rachel M.

    guess what I'm buying :joy::joy::joy:

  • Lori P.

    He would certainly wear it well, LOL!

  • Andrea H.

    lol that’s perfect

  • Melissa P.

    right! He would look like a fruit bat:heart_eyes:

  • Rayne M.

    omfg cute

  • Tara V.

    ... you’re welcome

  • Fallon M.

    omg!!!!! Need!!!

  • Korin G.

    these would be perfect for Tiny Terrorist

  • Korin G.

    Tiny Terrorist would look so cute wearing these

  • Lorraine G.

    yes she would

  • Carrie D.

    omg is that your baby!? He/she looks just like my baby when she was younger.

  • Carrie D.

    ...only difference is your baby looks nice and sweet, curious. Not Satin’s spawn.

  • Korin G.

    she is one of my babies. I recently foster failed so my fur baby family has grown to 5. I might be a future crazy cat lady :joy:

  • Michelle M.

    Someone needs these :thinking:

  • Shawna D.

    :joy: Your cat would hate you more than being left outside all night

  • Lauren B.

    Bub needs these

  • Autumn F.

    daisy needs bat wings!!

  • Jessica W.

    think you could get your cats in this lol

  • Linda K.

    Need this

  • Mindy H.

    Bella needs these

  • Fallon B.

    mmm... I don’t think so lol

  • Amy D.

    future?? :thinking: LoL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

  • Brittany G.

    Yes he does!!

  • Betsy M.

    I think midnight wants these!

  • Korin G.

    I was told 8 cats is when you reach crazy cat lady status :joy:

  • Lori S.

    omg this is adorable!