Beach Buddy Baby Playpen $32 (Reg. $35) @ Amazon

Beach Buddy Baby Playpen $32 (Reg. $35) @ Amazon

What a great idea, hop over to Amazon where they marked down these beach baby playpens they've dubbed 'BeachBuddy' to just $32!

I so want to grab one of these for the beach house, plus Prime users will get free shipping on these!

The BeachBuddy playpen not only will keep your little one within a designated area, but it also marks the space your family needs on the beach.

Another sweet thing this baby does is black sand (thank god) from being blow on your while you lay out. It really is a great way to keep everything and everyone together and knowing it blocks sand from blowing on you is a total bonus.

My favorite part about it is being able to create a space for the family that we can all have as our hub, always feel like having everything marked off makes it easy not to forget anything and keep all of our stuff together.


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