BeachBuddy Beach Playpen $32 @ Amazon

BeachBuddy Beach Playpen $32 @ Amazon

Looking for a cool way to stop sand from hitting you while laying out at the beach? That also serves as a makeshift playpen for the kids?

Check out this awesome Beachbuddy Beach Playpen that you can grab for JUST $32 on Amazon.

This thing is such a great idea!

There is nothing worse than having sand blown on your face while laying out at the beach. This genius product prevents that, and divides off a custom space you'd like to lay out in.

This product is genius, it can be setup as a baby playpen too so your not stuck using coolers to mark off where the baby can go and can't.

We love it because we have a big family at our beach house and there is always a large group of us at the beach. We use this bad boy to mark off our space for the day however wide we want it to be so we have a base for everyone to hang out at.


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