Bentgo Lunch Boxes Just $20 + Free Shipping @ Zulily

Bentgo Lunch Boxes Just $20 + Free Shipping @ Zulily

With the back to school shopping rush in just a couple months now is the time to beat the crowds and save some cash on things were going to buy anyway.

Today only these Bentgo lunch boxes are priced at just $19.99 each! Even sweeter when you apply promo code ZULILY1940 you score free shipping on your complete order!

These Bentgo boxes are the perfect way to keep your kids lunches separated and fresh until lunchtime no matter how many times the kids turn them over.

Plus they are not just for kids I personally own one of these and take it to lunch with me daily. Theres no better way to keep my ranch dip off my other food until lunchtime.

Scoring them for this cheap is a total steal, this is one of the best prices we have seen on these boxes and with the free shipping you absolutely can't go wrong.


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