Black & Decker Pet Robotic Vacuum Just $140 (Reg. $400) @ eBay

Black & Decker Pet Robotic Vacuum Just $140 (Reg. $400) @ eBay

Dreams really do come true! If you have been dreaming of a fairy that comes clean your home while your away or asleep this is as close as it gets.

This robotic vacuum is priced at just $139.99!

While originally priced at $400 this is a steal with huge $260 savings!

This vacuum is like a little miracle worker that will suck up every piece of dirt and pet hair without you even having to lift a finger.

Simply set this thing to vacuum at a certain time or push the button and off it goes. When its done cleaning it goes back to it's charging base and charges up for the next go around.

I personally set mine to run while were sleeping it really makes you feel good to wake up and have a sparkly clean floor.

Worried if you have stairs? This little guy has a sensor that will keep it from falling off stairs while auto adjusting for carpets and hardwood or tile.

Plus it holds 2 times the amount of dirt as its competitors! This is like a cleaning beast that is just waiting to give you a helping hand.

As if it couldnt get any better it also has a Black and Decker app so you can control this little machine right from your phone and know exactly how its preforming.

Shipping is free.


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