Camelbak 12 oz Water Bottles 25% Off Today @ Amazon

These are a great buy today as part of Amazon's Deal Of The Day offers!
Camelbak 12 oz Water Bottles 25% Off Today @ Amazon

In case you missed this on Amazon's deal of the day you'll want to hop over and grab some before they sell out! Part of the top deals of the day on Amazon today are 25% off highly rated Camelbak Water Bottles!

Edit** Some of the deals are on bottles only (including the Unicorn Water Bottle which is pictured above) so just double check before you check out! Thanks Candice!

These are some of the most popular water bottles on the market and grabbing them at such a bargain price is always a sweet deal. Plus you can choose from a few styles we spotted a shark water bottle, a unicorn one and also the swans bottle it too cute. Just toggle around on the link to find one that works for you.

As you can see some are already starting to sell out so make sure you're not buying third party when your checking out, prices should generally be around $15 with the 25% off promo that's going on.

Camelback is the way to go with water bottles for the kids. They have the bite sipping straw system that pretty much all types of knock off brands are starting to copy. But it's great it makes it easy for kids to flip open and not open it accidentally which leads to spills with other bottles.

And cleaning these is also simple (which you'll want to do to prevent bacteria buildup) all the parts of these bottles can be removed and put in the dishwasher to be washed really easily.

Be quick, with how popular these bottles are and being on Amazon DOTD we don't expect them to last. As always with Amazon, free shipping with Prime or with orders $25 or over.


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