Casdon Toy Backseat Driver Just $15.89 @ Amazon

For the kids or maybe even that irritating passenger that always think they can do better
Casdon Toy Backseat Driver Just $15.89 @ Amazon

With Christmas on the way, its time to start thinking about toys that will actually get used and this Casdon Toy Backseat Driver is sure to be a hit. Plus it would work for them I'm a better driver hubbies as well. With a price tag of just $15.89, it's already heading to my cart.

Casdon Toy Backseat Driver

This really cool Casdon Toy Backseat Driver features movable clock needles, a play mobile phone and a wiper-light -indicator arm. Everything the kids need to keep them satisfied.

Plus there is a real horn right on the center of the wheel so when you blow your horn your kids can join in on the fun, how sweet!

The suction cups allow it to attach to the front dashboard for single cab trucks or the back of the front seats in family vehicles so that your little one will feel like they are the ones in control of the car.

This is designed and suitable for children aged 3 - 8 years.

If this stops my children from bickering and shouting when I am driving, I will pay double!

Shipping is free for this creative toy!

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Reply to
  • Jen C.

    Blake would love this for Xmas

  • Tiffany C.

    ok is this a joking idea or for real?! :joy:

  • Keri B.

    Cameron would love this:joy:

  • Brittiany M.

    Ryan...this would be perfect for YOU

  • Kacey B.

    should I get this for Jason :joy:

  • Jen C.

    for real! She legit is a backseat driver and it drives me nuts. She thinks she knows where she is going and yells at me all the time

  • Pat B.

    ha ha think he needs it?

  • Tiffany C.

    hahaha that’s awesome

  • JoAnne O.

    for Kate not you

  • Emilio P.

    Renley would like this!