Charmin Forever Toilet Paper Rolls Half Off @ Charmin

Never run out of toilet paper again with the Charmin Forever Toilet Paper Rolls!
Charmin Forever Toilet Paper Rolls Half Off @ Charmin

Make sure you (or the kids) never run out of toilet paper again by upgrading to the Charmin Forever Toilet Paper Roll. These giant toilet paper rolls are ulta soft Charmin toilet paper and last a month!

Charmin is now offering their Charmin Forever toilet paper rolls half off on their website. The Forever Roll is so large, it actually needs it own dispenser to use it. There's also a few options you can choose from, choose from the single user roll that's 800 sheets or the multi user roll that has 1,700 sheets.

Charmin's website offers Forever Roll starter kits that come with customized wall mounts or freestanding toilet paper stands that'll work with these forever rolls. There's even a subscribe and save option where you can get three of these rolls for $13.17 every three months on these.

If you look at the kits offered, a bunch of them include a free holder depending on your needs. What's sweet is all of the packages are half off right now and you can grab them for $29.97 right now.

Charmin is also offering free shipping on these starter kits as well!

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  • Di K.

    How much would that cost lol

  • Jessica C.

    My family of 7 needs this

  • Ilana B.

    Hmmm... if you have children this just looks like a recipe for disaster! My son would roll this whole thing out as soon as he could.

  • Chandee S.

    Seriously. The "Forever a Disaster Roll"