Check Out These Buddy Elf Door Wreaths @ Etsy

Perfect for every Buddy fan!
Check Out These Buddy Elf Door Wreaths @ Etsy

Buddy the Elf is the Christmas tradition that is loved by all ages. We pop in his movie and will watch it again and again, the entire season. Now you can bring the excitement to your front door with this incredible Buddy Elf Door Wreath made exclusively by Etsy sellers.

Buddy Elf Door Wreath

This Buddy Elf Door Wreath is made to resemble Buddy himself. With his face in the middle and brown hair, along with his jolly green and white suit, it's safe to say I can't wait to bring this wreath home.

Each wreath measures on average about 18" in width making it the perfect addition to nearly every door including interior and exterior applications.

Can you imagine the look on everyone's face to see you have the beloved Buddy Elf character hanging right on your door? This is sure to grab the heart of millions just as it has mine.

There are several different sellers creating this wreath from as little as $60 with free delivery.

The pictured wreath is created exclusively from CustomDesignPress via Etsy and is our top pick.

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  • Kelly G.

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    That is a Big Afro

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    a friend of mine sent me that a few days ago. I love it!!!! I wonder how they made the face? It's genius!

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    I think needs this for his dorm room door :joy:

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    I just bought it

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    you should make Ashley this :hearts:

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    I’m dying! Is it that obvious what a freak I am? I’ve had Two people show me this since yesterday evening :joy: I love it!!!

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    this is the best wreath ever!

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    it is! I NEED!

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    Kelley n

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