Check Out These Chicken Tutu's @ Etsy

You can now dress up your best friend!
Check Out These Chicken Tutu's @ Etsy

Chickens have become a huge part of the family pet world and if you have ever wanted to dress your chicken up and show them just how much you care now you can! These Chicken Tutu's are perfect for taking your feather friend out for a stroll and they are priced from just $14!

Chicken Tutu

These Chicken Tutu's add a fashion flair like no other to your friend while adding a piece of functionality. Simply put these on and make your feather friend turn into a tutu-wearing fairy.

Can you imagine the face of your neighbors as you walk around with your little friend? They even come in your choice of colors - pink, black, red, blue, green, orange, purple, and fun multi-colors.

These will quickly make a huge statement to your best friend and let's face it that it's as cute as ever.

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