Check Out These Comical Egg Cartons!

The perfect way to bring breakfast to the table
Check Out These Comical Egg Cartons!

If you find comedy in quotes you really need to check out these Comical Egg Cartons exclusively made by PurdyPrintsNGifts over at Etsy. You can score the decal kit for just $2.75 delivered or upgrade to the full egg carton with your favorite decal for $13 delivered.

Comical Egg Cartons

Each Comical Egg Carton holds 12 fresh eggs complete with a lid but that is just the beginning.

They come with your choice of funny sayings including Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets, My Pet Poops Breakfast, Cluckin Fresh Eggs, or any personalized phrase you choose for no extra cost.

Plus you can choose your favorite vinyl decal color - black, blue, pink, green, purple, orange, red, white, grey, silver, gold, or brown.

These are hand made and are usually shipped out within 3-5 days after your order. While your shopping take a look at all of PurdyPrintsNGifts Etsy Shop for more fun personalized products.

Shipping is free.

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