Check Out These Disney Villains Door Wreaths @ Etsy

Add a Disney flair to your door
Check Out These Disney Villains Door Wreaths @ Etsy

There is nothing that says welcome like a door wreath and these Disney Villains Door Wreaths have to be the most magnificent creation we have ever seen. It's easy to say I want one, like now!

Disney Villains Door Wreaths

These Disney Villains Door Wreaths are exclusively available from FreshCoastFandom via Etsy. Each one is handmade and completely unique upon itself.

The Etsy store FreshCoastFandom creates these wreaths and lists them as they become available so you have your choices of Ursula, Maleficent, or even the evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty and this is just the beginning because the stock changes all the time.

Each wreath measures about 24-26 inches in diameter depending upon the design and are made with quality materials that are sure to last as well as look so enchanting you will be the talk of the neighborhood as everyone is going to want one.

Shipping adds $40 and shipping time depends upon the custom order versus one that is already created.

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