Check Out These Hocus Pocus Cookie Cutters

How awesome would these be to give out on Halloween?!
Check Out These Hocus Pocus Cookie Cutters

It feels like every year I start getting ready earlier and earlier for Halloween. This year is no different, we're already spotting sweet deals on Halloween Costumes and Hocus Pocus goodies and these cookie cutters are too cool not to share. Hop over to Etsy and check out these awesome Hocus Pocus Cookie Cutters by SweetleighPrinted!

Hocus Pocus Cookie Cutters

Our three favorite witches Winifred, Sarah, and Mary are making their comeback soon, what better way to honor the three Sanderson sisters than making cookies for the children on Halloween!?

It doesn't get much better than Hocus Pocus around Halloween time, the movie is a classic and the Sanderson sisters always crack me up. Grabbing these cookie cutters is just the next step in my Hocus Pocus fandom.

What's sweet is they're only four bucks each so this is a no brainer, or you can go with the Cauldron cookie cutter that'll run you $5.50. Plus there are a bunch of positive reviews on all of these so you know it's a trusted Etsy store. I love supporting small Etsy shops, especially with purchases like this.

We'll probably watch this as a family around the holidays but I wouldn't be surprised if we just make some Sanderson Sister cookies a bunch as we get closer to Halloween. I'm also going to make them on Halloween this year too that way trick or treaters can have a snack along the way.

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