Check Out These Minnie Mouse X Vans @ Amazon

Absolutely adorable!
Check Out These Minnie Mouse X Vans @ Amazon

These Minnie Mouse X Vans scream must-have all over them. I mean once I gave them a look I couldn't even get them out of my mind until I ordered them for my little lady and priced from just $59.95 depending on the size the price isn't that awful either when you consider the Vans quality.

Minnie Mouse X Vans

These Minnie Mouse X Vans are quite a one of a kind sneaker. What makes them so perfect? Disney has teamed up with Vans to make the ultimate shoe to compliment your every style and I must say I'm in love.

With the adorable red and white polka dot print, these are just made for each other. Pair the design with the super fashionable big plush bow on the front and you have shoes that I only wish would fit me too.

These are available in sizes toddlers 11 through size 5 in big kids making them the perfect fit for young kids of nearly all ages.

Want to add to the excitement? They also have Mickey prints and more Minnie prints available. Simply click on the link and choose your favorite style.

Shipping is free.

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