Check Out These Pickle Flavor Candy Canes!

These are kind of a big dill
Check Out These Pickle Flavor Candy Canes!

Peppermint is so last year... if you want to be the cool parent of the year (or even friend) then these Pickle Flavor Candy Canes are a must. Not only are they the coolest but they are priced at just $4.99 or the cheapest price anywhere.

Pickle Flavor Candy Canes

These Pickle Flavor Candy Canes are sure to be every dill pickle fans dream come true. Let's face it we all know that one person who just adores everything pickle.

Each box contains 6 candy canes that are even decked out in a traditional Christmas and pickle flavor... green of course.

Plus they come in a box that will be absolutely perfect for gift giving. Simply wrap this up and you have a gift that is sure to delight as well as put a smile on any age face.

Add even more to the fun with more Flavored Candy Canes including mac and cheese, soda pop, coal, gravy, clams, and more. See the full list by Clicking Here.

As always you can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Otherwise, take a minute and sign up for FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and you'll get free two day shipping on these candy canes and free shipping on all of your Amazon orders for a month.

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  • Diana B.

    get for Steph!!!!

  • James G.


  • Kandice T.

    here you go

  • Amy D.

  • Shawna R.


  • Jill B.

    . Gotta get these for Gia

  • Joy C.


  • Sherri K.

    Has anyone tried these? If so, are they minty?

  • Dorothy L.

    Christmas for Kaci

  • Ann L.

    , we need this for Madison. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Andrea H.

    I gotta find this for my tootsie!!!

  • Catherine W.

    my thoughts exactly!

  • Ann L.

    , done.

  • Mik B.

    , isn't Kristina a dill pickle fan?

  • Stephanie H.


  • Brian H.


  • Calli G.

    ok that might just be crossing the line...:confounded::thinking:

  • Shawna R.

    for someone who shakes a bag of dill pickle chips to hear if there’s enough dill-I didn’t think there was a line :joy::joy:

  • Calli G.

    hmmm good point!!

  • Sara A.

    this is mildly disturbing. Even worse that she’ll def love them

  • Dara V.


  • Lisa S.

    yes she is!!

  • Kirsten R.

    I wana try these! :heart_eyes::yum:

  • Debbie D.

  • Brittany H.


  • Sarah-Ann G.

    as much as I love pickles right now that still doesn’t seem appealing lol

  • Leigh R.

    :thinking::thinking: interestingggg

  • NaKisha A.

    like pickle or pickle-mint?

  • Shanna L.

    lol oh IDK, just saw pickle and thought of you lol!

  • Lauren C.


  • Gemma A.


  • San T.

    I have looked for them in the past and haven't been able to find them to try them. But I so would.

  • Brandy C.

    If I come across them i will mail them to you.

  • San T.


  • Alyssa B.


  • Justin H.


  • Rita T.

    Omg how awful

  • Jackie C.

    I want to try them!

  • Kristen B.

    I’ve tried them not so good lol

  • Ashley S.


  • Kim S.


  • Dana W.


  • Jessie L.


  • Kaci O.

    I want to try them!

  • Melissa W.

    ....Ohhhhhh sweet mother of Jesus! I need these!

  • Kelly E.

    we must hunt these down... :joy:

  • Lynn M.


  • Nicholas K.

    no no no

  • Lynn M.

    lol you like pickles

  • Deb V.

    nick ?

  • KyleBritteny R.

    hahaha maybe you would especially like pickles now

  • Alyssa R.

    I'm not sure if I'm excited or grossed out. Lol

  • Kat H.

    I'm going to buy us some! Lol.

  • Alyssa R.

    challenge accepted! Lol

  • Whitney L.


  • Megan H.

    to farrr

  • Justine M.

    these might be a great garnish for your beer! :joy:

  • Carolyn C.

    would you eat these?!

  • Sarah B.

    I’ll pass lol