Check Out These Pre-Bitten Cookie Cutters @ Amazon

The kids won't dare touch these
Check Out These Pre-Bitten Cookie Cutters @ Amazon

Every time I make a delicious batch of cookies it seems like I turn around to let them cool and they all disappear. Well, momma just figured out a sneaky way to keep my self a couple and that is with these Pre-Bitten Cookie Cutters!

Pre-Bitten Cookie Cutters

These Pre-Bitten Cookie Cutters make it possible to save me a few cookies. Simply cook up everyone else nice round cookies and throw in a few of these and people will just walk off.

No more getting a glass of milk and wishing you had a cookie to dunk. Now I can sit back grab my "pre-bitten" cookies and relax.

These cookie cutters come in a range of sizes and include plastic or metal for a personalized finish that will look great in your jar of other cutters. No one will ever guess the cookie monster mystery.

To make it even more fun you could make cookies for Santa and leave these behind for the kids to find. They will wake up Christmas morning with a huge smile on their face when they see Santa took a bite of the cookies.

These are priced as low as $4.99 and shipping varies from prime eligible to a few dollars.

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