Check Out These Sibling Candles @ Amazon

The perfect gift idea for all of your siblings
Check Out These Sibling Candles @ Amazon

Let's face it growing up with siblings is difficult. The oldest gets the most privileges while the middle is over-looked and the baby is the baby. If you are looking for a unique gift idea for the siblings this holiday season we found just the thing! These Sibling Candles yell must have all over them and they are as low as $22.64.

Sibling Candles

These Sibling Candles are seriously hilarious and witty. I mean can you imagine the look on your siblings fast as they are reading this upon opening it? Straight smiles and laughter of course.

The first child candle reads "Smells like you're just more important. You had to have your own candle, didn't you." While the back reads "Reduces parental pressure, keeps younger siblings out of your stuff, is practically perfect, too." Its scent is Brand-new everything (Wintergreen).

Each candle reads something different to signify that child and is scented to go with the quote.

These candles are created by the Whiskey River Soap Co and come in great 17 ounce sizes which means they will be able to burn it for hours.

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