Check Out This Louisiana Champion Pellet Grill!

Now this is a grill!
Check Out This Louisiana Champion Pellet Grill!

This Champion Competition Louisiana Pellet Grill devours the competition. With a smoker and griller in multi-chamber smoking cabinets, this is a show stopper and priced at just $1199.99 making it the cheapest price we have seen anywhere.

Louisiana Champion Pellet Grill

The Louisiana Champion Pellet Grill And Smoker cooks outdoor food with ease. It has several different cooking chambers divided over the massive 3432 square inch cooking area making this a must-have for every big BBQ.

You can enjoy grilling with a direct and indirect flame for the perfect tasting food every time. Rather have smoked food? Simply hang your meats in the top cabinet for an irresistible smoked flavor.

The digital control center allows you to cook your meats a precise temperature and comes complete with a probe so you can know exactly when your meat is done. No more burnt awful tasting rubber!

Throw in some hardwood pellets and with a single push of a button, the whole grill can ignite into a wood flavor paradise.

This masterful creation allows airflow throughout all the chambers so you can skillfully prepare food in all of the compartment. The propriety exhaust system makes for even grilling and smoking, it's so simple anyone can use it.

We have seen some grills in our time but never have we seen one so amazing. This is a must for ever BBQ loving family and just in time for the big 4th of July BBQ!

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  • Glenda N.

    . . Here’s your next grill:hugging::hugging:

  • Chrissy G.

    - for Father's Day next year :wink:

  • Chrissy G.

    No for you!! Time to step up your game :wink:

  • Terri D.

    here’s an all in one!!!

  • Alicia T.

    This looks like a smoker/ outdoor oven combo to me.

  • Mary S.

    As long as I can watch the chief cook on it , I'd love it !