The Chipotle Secret Menu: 6 Hidden Menu Items You've Got To Try

The Chipotle Secret Menu: 6 Hidden Menu Items You've Got To Try

Have you ever heard of the super secret thing called the Chipotle Secret Menu? For fans or just addicts (like myself) the idea of having more options from Chipotle is just awesome to think about, but it's actually a real thing and we'll be breaking down what it is and how it works.

There's a reason Chipotle is a favorite in most households. Their fresh ingredients and all of the customizable options make it great for everyone to find a favorite on the menu.

You know how much we love our secret menus but when we found out that there is a Chipotle Secret menu, we had to try it.

We've rounded up some of the favorite secret menu items for you here so you can give them a try. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new favorite to replace that traditional foil-wrapped burrito!

1. Nachos

This may be an item you've already been creating when you're satisfying your Chipotle cravings. But instead of getting a bowl with chips on the side, you can request that they put chips down instead of rice in your bowl and then top it with all the magical nacho toppings your little heart desires.

But hey, guac is extra!

2. Quesadilla

If you have a kid then you already know they make Kids Quesadillas with Cheese and/or Chicken. But did you know you can request an adult-sized version of this favorite? That's right! Just request a Quesadilla and then whatever ingredients from their regular fillings bar that you'd like in it. Prices may vary by location and depending on what you request in it.

Don't forget, guac is extra!

3. Quesarito

A cheese quesadilla wrapped around a Chipotle burrito? Yes please! No, we don't have this item confused with Taco Bell's similarly titled menu option. Chipotle has one too...only, there's isn't on the menu. Just like the Quesadilla that's also not on the menu. It's like a secret menu takeover with this one! But ooooh so yummy!

And remember, guac is extra!

4. Burritodilla

Yep, another secret quesadilla concoction. This quesadilla hybrid is for those who can't decide whether they want a hot-pressed quesadilla or burrito but this one, unlike the Quesarito that's a bit softer, offer a crunchy outside and gooey heavy inside.

But don't forget, guac is extra!

5. Double-Wrapped Burrito

Another secret menu item Chipotle offers that may remind you of an old Taco Bell classic, the Double Wrapped Burrito is sort of like the Crunchwrap Supreme. Plus, the extra shell is free of charge!

But the guac's not...That's extra!

6. Extras, Fillings & Cilantro

At the line you can almost always squeeze in a few extras just by asking. Like grilled fajita veggies with any meat-based order. Or with bowls you can ask for a tortilla or soft taco shells on the side as well. And Chipotle's tangy salad dressing on the side of any order too. You can also get more than one salsa or both types of beans or rice and extras like cheese or sour cream, etc. They can even give you fresh cilantro...But just remember, guac is extra! (wink)

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Your turn: Have a secret menu item we don't have listed here? Let us know it below, if you've given any of these a try let us know how they are below!


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