Christmas Stocking Wine Flask $14.99 @ Amazon

The stocking flask will surely get you in the spirit!
Christmas Stocking Wine Flask $14.99 @ Amazon

Asking for a friend, is it too soon to order one of these Christmas Stocking Wine Flasks or should I hold off until December?! How hilarious and genius of an invention, what looks like a normal Christmas stock is actually a wine flask in disguise! Whether you're buying it as a white elephant gift or for someone who loves wine, we spotted these over on Amazon where you can grab one for only $14.99.

I was thinking this was just a gag gift so I ordered one, but was actually surprised with how much it got used. For one, it gets a laugh every time we pull it out and it's also a great conversation starter.

You might want to go through the reviews on these because the people who've bought it absolutely love it and it actually gets used a lot. Apparently they're super quality made and are awesome when guests are over and make for great gifts that will actually get used and people get a kick out of them.

Whether you're buying it for yourself or grabbing this for a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift, this is totally a great option for that wine lover in your life, and for 15 bucks, why the heck not.

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