Chromo Android Tablet Only $37.99 @ Amazon

 Chromo Android Tablet Only $37.99 @ Amazon

I've been looking for a tablet for the kids to hack away on so mommy can have her iPad all to herself! Came across the perfect deal on this 7" Android tablet that would fit the job perfectly!

This tablet's great because it pretty much does everything the iPad does, but isn't nearly as expensive as it. The kids can watch Skype on it, play games and it even has a camera that they can play with.

It's great for the kids to have their own device that they can learn to share between themselves. One thing I try to do is set a time for them all to use it, that way they know there is a limit with the games when their turn is up.

You'll be able to get free 2-day shipping with Amazin Prime, or when you spend $49 or more you'll get super saver shipping.


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